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J. K. Rowling BOOK 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire read by Stephen Fry.


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The villagers of Little Hangleron still called it that the Riddle House, though it was several years since the Riddle family had lived there.
The Small Hagletons all agreed that the old home was creepy. Half a century ago, something strange and horrible had happened there, something that the older folks of this village still enjoyed to talk if issues for gossip were rare.
The story was picked over so many occasions, and was embroidered in a lot of areas, that nobody was really certain what the truth was. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book. Every edition of this narrative, however, began in precisely the exact same area: Fifty decades earlier, at daybreak on a fine summer time when the Riddle House had been well maintained and striking, a maid had entered the drawing room to discover all three Riddles dead.
The police were summoned, along with the entire of Little Hangleton had seethed with stunned fascination and illdisguised excitement. Nobody wasted their breath pretending to feel quite depressed about the Riddles, for they were most unpopular. Each of the villagers cared about was that the individuality of the murderer – for apparently, three seemingly healthy people didn’t all drop dead of natural causes on precisely the exact same night. They had been rewarded for leaving their firesides when the Riddles’ cook came dramatically in their middle and declared to the suddenly silent pub a guy named Frank Bryce had only been detained. Cried several men and women. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book Free. Frank had come back from the war with a rather stiff leg and a fantastic dislike of crowds and loud noises, and was operating for the Riddles ever since.
There has been a hurry to purchase the cook drinks and listen to additional information.
Always thought he was peculiar, she told the eagerly listening villagers, following her fourth sherry. Unfriendly, for example. I’m certain if I have offered him a cuppa after, I have provided it a hundred times. Never wanted to combine, he did not.
Ah, today, said a girl in the pub, he had a tough war, Frank. He enjoys the quiet life. There has been a spare key hanging from the gardener’s cottage far back as I can recall! All Frank had to do was creep up to the large house while we was sleeping. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Download.
I always believed he had a nasty look about him right enough, grunted a guy at the pub.
Told you I would not like to get on the wrong side of Frank, did not I, Dot? Said an excited girl from the corner.
Terrible temper, ” said Dot, nodding fervently. I recall, when he was a child.
But over from the neighboring city of Great Hangleton, at the dark and dingy police station, Frank was repeating, over and over, he was naive, and the only person he’d seen close to the home on the afternoon of the Riddles’ deaths was a teenage boy, a stranger, darkhaired and light hearted. Nobody in the village had witnessed any boy and the police were fairly convinced Frank had invented him.
The authorities had never read an odder report. Actually (the report continued, in a tone of unmistakable bewilderment), the Riddles all seemed to be in perfet wellness – besides the fact they were dead. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Stephen Fry.

Maybe it was partially due to Frank the owners said that there was a horrible feeling about the area, which, at the absence of people, began to fall into disrepair.
The wealthy man who possessed the Riddle House nowadays lived there nor place it to any usage; they stated in the village he maintained it for taxation reasons, although nobody was quite clear what these could be. The wealthy owner chose to cover Frank to do the gardening, nevertheless. Frank was nearing his seventyseventh birthday today, quite deaf, his poor leg sexier than ever, but might be seen pottering round the flower beds at nice weather, despite the fact that the weeds were beginning to creep upon him, try as he would to suppress them.
Weeds weren’t the only entities Frank had to compete with. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book by J. K. Rowling (read by Stephen Fry). They rode their bikes over the yards Frank worked so difficult to maintain smooth.
One or two times, they broke into the old home for a dare. They understood that older Frank’s dedication to the home and the reasons amounted almost to an obsession, and it entertained them to watch him limping round the backyard, brandishing his stick and crying croakily in them. Frank, for his part, he considered that the boys tormented him since, like their grandparents and parents, even though him a murderer. When Frank awakened one night in August and found something really strange up in the old home, he merely presumed that the boys had gone one step further in their efforts to punish him.
It had been Frank’s poor leg which awakened him it was paining him worse than ever in his older age. Standing at the sink, filling the pot, he looked up in the Riddle House and watched lights glimmering in its top windows. Frank understood at once what was happening. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Stephen Fry. The boys had broken into the house back, and judging from the flickering quality of the light, they’d started a flame.
Frank had no phone, in any situation, he’d profoundly mistrusted the authorities ever since they’d shot him in for questioning regarding the Riddles’ deaths. He put the kettle down simultaneously, hurried back upstairs as quickly as his poor leg would let, and was soon back into his kitchen, completely dressed and eliminating a rusty old key from its hook by the door.
front doorway of the Riddle House bore no indication of needing nor did some of those windows. Frank limped around to the rear of the home till he reached a doorway almost entirely hidden by ivy, took the old key, place it to the lock, and opened up the door noiselessly.
He allowed himself in the darkened kitchen. Frank hadn’t entered it for several years; nonetheless, though it was quite dark, he recalled where the doorway to the hall was, and he groped his way towards it his nostrils filled with the odor of rust, ears pricked for any sound of footsteps or voices out of overhead. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Full Audio Book Online) He reached the hallway, which was somewhat lighter because of the large mullioned windows on both sides of front door, and began to climb the staircase, blessing the dust that lay thick on the rock, because it muted the noise of his toes and stick.
About the landing, Frank turned, and saw at once where the intruders were In the end of this passage a door stood ajar, and a flickering light beamed through the gap, projecting a long sliver of gold round the black ground. Frank edged closer and closer, so he managed to observe a narrow piece of the space outside.
The flame, he saw, was lit at the grate. This amazed him. He then stopped moving and listened intently, for a guy’s voice spoke within the area; it seemed timid and shy.
There’s a bit more from the jar, My Lord, if you’re still hungry.
Afterwards, said another voice. This also belonged to a guy – but it had been strangely highpitched, and cold as a surprising blast of freezing wind. Move me nearer to the flame, Wormtail. That came the clink of a bottle set down upon a hard surface, and the dull scratching sound of a heavy chair being dragged throughout the ground. Frank caught a glimpse of a little guy, his back to the doorway, pushing the seat into position. He was sporting a long black cloak, and there was a bald patch in the back of his mind. He then moved out of sight. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book by J. K. Rowling.
I really don’t understand, My Lord, ” said the initial voice nervously. She set out to learn more about the home, I believe.
You may milk her until we retire, Wormtail, said the next voice. I will require feeding at the evening. The journey has drained me considerably.
Brow furrowed, Frank likely his great ear closer to the doorway, listening really difficult. There was a pause, and the guy called Wormtail talked.
My Lord, may I inquire how long we will stay here?
Per week, ” said the cold voice. Perhapse longer. The place is reasonably comfortable, and the program can’t move yet. It would be absurd to behave prior to the Quidditch World Cup is finished. Listen Online Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book, read by Stephen Fry.
Frank inserted a gnarled finger in his ear and then rotated it. Owing, undoubtedly, to some buildup of earwax, he’d heard the term Quidditch, which wasn’t a word in any way. said Wormtail. (Frank awakened his finger more harshly to his ear) Forgive me, however – I don’t know – why should we wait till the World Cup is finished?
Because, idiot, in this moment wizards are pouring into the nation from all around the planet, and each meddler in the Ministry of Magic is going to be on duty, lookout for indicators of ususual action, assessing and doublechecking identities.
They’ll be obsessed with safety, lest the Muggles detect anything. We wait.
Frank ceased attempting to clean his ear. Plainly, every one of those expressions supposed a thing key, and Frank could consider just two kinds of individuals who’d talk in code: spies and criminals. Frank tightened his grip on his walking stick once again, and appeared more closely yet.
Your Lordship remains decided, then? Wormtail said gently. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book Downoad Free.
Surely I’m decided, Wormtail. There was a note of menace from the cold voice today.
A little pause followed and the Wormtail talked, the words tumbling out of him in a hurry, as if he had been forcing himself to mention that until he lost his nerve.
Yet another pause, more protracted, and – Without Harry Potter? Breathed the next voice gently. I see.
My Lord, I don’t say this out of concern for your boy! Said Wormtail, his voice increasing squeakily. The boy isn’t anything for me, nothing in any way! It’s only that if we were to utilize another witch or magician – any magician – that the thing can be done a lot more quickly! If you let me leave you for a brief while – you understand I can disguise myself efficiently – I might be back in as few as two days using the right individual –
I could use another magician, ” said the cold voice gently, that’s accurate.
My Lord, it is logical, said Wormtail, sounding completely relieved today.
Placing hands on Harry Potter could be so hard, he’s so well shielded –
and thus you volunteer to go and bring me a replacement? I wonder. Possibly the undertaking of nursing me is now wearisome for you, Wormtail? Could this proposal of abandoning the strategy be only an effort to desert me? I don’t have any desire to leave you, not one whatsoever – Don’t lie! Hissed the next voice. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Full Audio Book. I will always tell, Wormtail! You’re regretting that you returned. I find you flinch if you look at me, feel that you shudder if you touch me. My dedication for Your Lordship –
Your dedication is only cowardice. You wouldn’t be here in case you had anywhere else to go. How can I live with no, when I want feeding every couple of hours? Who’s to milk Nagini? However, you look so much more powerful.
Liar, breathed the next voice. I’m no more powerful, and a couple of days alone could be sufficient to rob me of this little health I’ve recovered under your awkward care.
Wormtail, who’d been sputtering incoherently, fell silent at the same time. For a couple of seconds, Frank could hear only the fire. The second person spoke once again, in a whisper which was almost a hiss.
I’ve my reasons for utilizing the boy, as I have already explained to you, and that I shall use no other. I’ve waited thirteen decades. A couple more months will probably make no real difference. In terms of the safety surrounding the boy, I think my strategy will succeed. All that’s required is a little courage in you, Wormtail – guts you’ll discover, if you don’t would like to feel the complete scope of Lord Voldermort’s anger –
My Lord, I must talk! Said Wormtail, fear in his voice today. All during our trip I’ve gone over the program in my mind – My Lord, Bertha Jorkin’s disappearance won’t go undetected for long, and when we proceed, should I murder –
If? Whispered the next voice. Audiobook Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book. If you comply with the program, Wormtail, the Ministry have never know that anybody else has expired. You may get it done quietly and without difficulty; I just wish that I can do it myself, but in my current state. Come, Wormtail, yet another departure and our route into Harry Potter is apparent.
I’m not asking you to take action independently. By that time, my loyal serant will have rejoined us
I’m a loyal servant, ” said Wormtail, the merest hint of sullenness in his or her voice.
Wormtail I want someone with brains, someone whose loyalty has never wavered, and you also, sadly, meet neither necessity.
I discovered you, said Wormtail, and there was a sulky advantage to his voice today. I had been the person who found you. I attracted you Bertha Jorkins.
That’s correct, said the next guy, sounding thrilled. A stroke of brilliance I wouldn’t have believed possible from you, Wormtail – however, if truth be told, you weren’t aware how useful she’d be if you captured her, were you? Streaming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook.
Liar, said the next voice, the cruel amusement more conspicuous than ever. But, I don’t deny that her advice was invaluable. Without it, I might not have shaped our strategy, and therefore, you’ll have your benefit, Wormtail. I will enable you to carry out a vital job for me, one which most of my followers will give their hands to carry out. What – ? Wormtail sounded scared again. Your component will come in the end but I guarantee you, you’ll have the honour of becoming just as easy since Bertha Jorkins.

And also the next guy’s voice altered. He began making noises like Frank had never heard before; he had been hissing and spitting without drawing breath. Frank believed he should be having some kind of seizure or fit.
And Frank heard movement behind him at the darkened passageway.
One thing was slithering toward him across the darkened corridor ground, and as it drew nearer to the sliver of firelight, he realized with a thrill of dread which it was a massive snake, at least twelve feet. Horrified, transfixed, Frank stared because its undulating body trim a broad, curving track during the thick dust on the ground, coming closer and closer – What was he to do? Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book Online. The sole means of escape was to the area where both guys sat plotting murder, however if he remained where he was that the snake could kill him But before he’d decided, the snake was flat with him, then, unbelievably, reluctantly, it was death; it had been after the spitting, hissing noises created by the chilly voice beyond the door, and in moments, the hint of its diamondpatterned tail had disappeared through the gap.
There was perspiration on Frank’s brow today, along with also the hands on the walking stick was trembling. Within the area, the chilly voice was ongoing to hiss, and Frank was seen by a strange notion, an impossible thought. This guy could speak to snakes.
Frank did not know what was happening. The difficulty was that his legs did not appear to need to move. As he stood there trembling and attempting to master, the chilly voice changed suddenly to English again.

The chilly voice was coming out of the early armchair before the fire, but Frank could not find the speaker. The snake, on the other hand, was curled upon the rotting hearth rug, such as a few horrible travesty of a furry.
Gradually, with his head wrapped up, as if he’d rather have achieved anything than strategy his master along with the hearth rug in which the snake lie, the little man walked ahead and started to turn the seat. The snake raised its ugly triangular head and hissed slightly as the bottoms of this seat snagged on its own carpeting.
And the seat was facing Frank, and he noticed what was sitting inside. His walking stick dropped to the ground with a clatter. He was crying so loudly that he never heard the words that the thing from the seat talked as it increased a wand. He had been dead before he hit the ground. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audio Book.
2 hundred miles off, the boy named Harry Potter awakened with a start.

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