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J. K. Rowling BOOK 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban read by Stephen Fry.


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It was almost midnight, and he had been lying on his belly in bed, the blankets drawn directly on his head like a cane, a flashlight in 1 hand and a massive leather lound publication (A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot) propped open from the pillow. Harry moved the suggestion of his eagle quill down the page, frowning as he looked for something which will help him write his composition, Witch Burning from the Fourteenth Century Was Entirely Pointless discuss.
The quill stopped on peak of a probable ooking paragraph. Harry Pushed his round glasses up the bridge of his nose, then moved his flashlight nearer into the novel, and see. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book.
Non magic folks (more commonly called Muggles) were especially scared of magic in medieval times, but not too good at recognizing it.
On the infrequent event that they did capture a true witch or magician, burning had no impact whatsoever. The witch or wizard could execute a fundamental Flame Freezing Charm and feign to shriek with pain when enjoying a gentle, tickling feeling. Really, Wendelin the Weird appreciated being burnt so much that she permitted herself to be captured no longer than fortyseven occasions in a variety of disguises.
Harry set his quill between his teeth and reached beneath his pillow for his ink bottle along with a roll of parchment.
Pausing every now and then to listen because if some of the Dursleys discovered the scratching of his quill in their way into the restroom, he would likely find himself locked in the cupboard under the stairs for the remainder of the summer. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book J. K. Rowling.
The Dursley household of number four, Privet Drive, was why Harry never appreciated his summer vacations. They have been Muggles, plus they had a very medieval attitude toward magical. Harry’s deceased parents, who’d been a witch and magician, were not mentioned beneath the Dursleys’ roof For decades, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had hoped that if they kept Harry as downtrodden as possible,
They’d have the ability to squash the magic out of him. For their fury, they were ineffective. These times they lived in dread of anybody finding out that Harry had spent nearly all of the previous couple of years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook Free. The most they can do, nevertheless, was to lock Harry’s spellbooks, wand, cauldron, and broomstick at the onset of the summer break, and forbid him to speak to the neighbors.
This separation from his spellbooks was a real difficulty for Harry,
Since his teachers at Hogwarts had awarded him lots of vacation work.
Among those essays, a particularly nasty one about diminishing potions, was for Harry’s least favorite teacher, Professor Snape, who’d be thrilled to have an excuse to provide Harry detention for a month. Harry had thus captured his opportunity at the first week of their holiday season. Even though Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley had gone to the front lawn to respect Uncle Vernon’s new business car (in very loud voices, so the remaining part of the road would detect it also), Harry had slipped downstairs, picked the lock to the cupboard under the stairs, grabbed some of his own novels, and concealed them in his sack. Provided that he did not leave stains of ink onto the sheets, then the Dursleys have never understand he was analyzing magic. J. K. Rowling Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook.
Harry was especially keen to prevent difficulty with his uncle and aunt right now, since they were in a particularly bad mood with him because he had received a phone call from a fellow magician one week to the school holiday.
Ron Weasley, that had been one of Harry’s best friends at Hogwarts, came out of a complete family of wizards. This meant he understood a great deal of things Harry did not, but hadn’t used a phone before. Most importantly, it was Uncle Vernon who’d answered the telephone. He roared at the direction of this mouthpiece. Ron reunite, like he and Uncle Vernon were talking from opposite ends of a soccer field.
Uncle Vernon’s little eyes swiveled about to Harry, that had been rooted to the place.
There’s NO HARRY POTTER HERE! He roared, currently holding the receiver at arm’s length, as if fearful it could burst. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Stephen Fry Audio Book.
And he threw back the receiver on the phone like falling a poisonous spider.
The battle that had followed was among the worst.
Ron clearly realized he’d turned into Harry to trouble, since he had not called again. Harry’s other best friend from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger, had not been connected. Harry guessed that Ron had cautioned Hermione to not phone, that was a shame, since Hermione, the cleverest witch in Harry’s year, had Muggle parents, understood perfectly well how to use a phone, and could likely have had enough sense not to mention she went to Hogwarts.
So Harry had had no word in some of his wizarding friends for five weeks, and this summer was turning out to be nearly as bad as the previous one. There was only one very modest improvement after swearing he would not use her to send letters to some of his friends, Harry was permitted to allow his owl, Hedwig out through the nighttime. Uncle Vernon had contributed in due to the racket Hedwig created if she had been locked in her cage all the time.
Harry completed writing about Wendelin the Weird and paused to hear. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book Download. The silence from the darkened home was broken only by the remote,
Grunting snores of his tremendous cousin, Dudley. It Has to Be very late, His eyes were itching with fatigue. Maybe he would complete this informative article tomorrow night…
He substituted the top of the ink jar; dragged an old pillowcase from beneath his mattress; place the flashlight, A History of Magic, his composition, quill,
And ink within it got out of bed; and concealed the whole lot under a loose floorboard beneath his mattress. Harry’s stomach gave a humorous jolt. He’d been thirteen years old, without realizing it, for an entire hour.
Another odd thing about Harry was small that he looked forward to his or her birthdays. He had never got a birthday card into his or her life. The Dursleys had totally dismissed his past two birthdays, and he had no reason to assume they’d recall this one.
Harry walked round the darkened room, beyond Hedwig’s big, empty cage, to the open window. He leaned on the floor, the cool night air nice on his head after a very long time beneath the blankets. Hedwig was absent for 2 nights now. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book. Harry was not concerned about her she had been gone long before. However he expected she would be back shortly she had been the only living creature in this house who did not flinch at the sight of him.
Harry, although still fairly small and skinny for his age, had developed several inches during the previous year. His jet苑lack own hair, however, was only as it always was untidy, whatever he did to it. The eyes behind his glasses were glowing green, and onto his brow, clearly visible through his hair, was a thin scar, shaped just like a bolt of lightning.
Of all of the odd things about Harry, this scar has been the most outstanding of all.
Since Lily and James Potter hadn’t died in an auto accident. They’d been killed, murdered by the most dreaded Black magician for a hundred Decades, Harry had escaped by precisely the exact same assault with simply a scar on his brow, where Voldemort’s curse, rather than killing him had chanced upon its originator.
However, Harry had come together at Hogwarts. Assessing their final meeting as he stood in the darkened window, Harry had to admit he had been blessed to have reached his thirteenth birthday.
He watched the starry skies for a indication of Hedwig, possibly soaring back with a dead mouse dangling out of her beak, hoping praise.
Gazing absently on the rooftops, it had been a couple of seconds before Harry understood what he was visiting. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book read by Stephen Fry.
Silhouetted from the gold moon, and growing bigger every second,
Was a big, strangely lopsided monster, and it was flapping in Harry’s direction. For a split second he hesitated, his hands on the window, wondering if to slam it closed. But the eccentric monster jumped over among those street lamps of Privet Drive, and Harry, understanding what it was,
Jumped apart.
Throughout the window jumped three owls, two of them holding the third,
Which seemed to be unconscious. They landed with a gentle flump on Harry’s bed, along with the center owl, that was big and grey, keeled right over and lay motionless. There was a massive package tied to the legs. Harry hurried into the mattress, untied the
Strings around Errol’s thighs, removed the bundle, transported Errol into Hedwig’s cage. Errol opened a bleary eye, gave a weak hoot of thanks, and started to gulp some water.
Harry turned back into the staying owls. Among these, the big snowy female, was his very own Hedwig. She, also, was carrying out a parcel and seemed extremely delighted with herself. She also gave Harry an affectionate sip along with her beak as he removed her weight, then flew across the area to combine Errol. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobok Online.
Harry did not comprehend the next owl, a handsome tawny one, however, he knew at once where it’d come from, as along with a third bundle,
It had been carrying out a letter bearing the Hogwarts crest. When Harry relieved that this owl of its weight, it ruffled its feathers stretched its wings, and took off through the window to the evening.
Harry sat on his bed and caught Errol’s bundle, ripped off the brown paper, also found a gift wrapped in gold along with his first birthday card.
2 pieces of paper dropped out a letter and a newspaper clipping.
The clipping had come from the wizarding newspaper, the Daily Prophet, since the folks from the black苔nd趴hite image were shifting. Harry picked the cutting up, out it, and see.
A thrilled Mr. Weasley told the Daily Prophet, we’ll be spending golden on a summer vacation in Egypt, in which our eldest son, Bill, functions as a curse breaker for Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook Download Free.
The Weasley family will be spending a month in Egypt, returning to the beginning of the new college year in Hogwarts, which five of the Weasley children now attend. Happy birthday!
Look, I’ very sorry about that phone call. I am hoping that the Muggles did not offer you a difficult time. I asked Dad, and he reckons I should not have yelled.
It is amazing here in Egypt. Bill’s taken us all of the tombs and you would not think the curses those aged Egyptian wizards put onto them. Mum would not let Ginny come from the previous one. There were all those parasitic skeletons in the marketplace, of Muggles who had broken in and developed extra thoughts and heads. Most of it has gone on this trip, however they are going to get a brand new wand for following year.
Harry recalled only too well the event when Ron’s old batter had snapped. It had occurred while the car the both of them were flying into Hogwarts had crashed into a tree on the college grounds.
We will return about a week before term begins and we are going to be going up to London to receive my wand as well as our newest novels. Any prospect of meeting you? Attempt to return to London, He even got the letter a week.
Harry glanced back in the picture. Audiobook Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling. Percy, who had been in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, was looking especially smug. He had trapped his Head Boy badge into the fez perched jauntily along with his lovely hair, his horn訃immed glasses flashing at the Egyptian sunshine.
Harry turned into his current and unwrapped it. Inside was what looked like a mini glass spinning top. There was yet another note from Ron below it.
Harry that is really a Pocket Sneakoscope. When there’s someone untrustworthy about, it is supposed to light up and twist. Bill says it is crap sold for magician tourists and is not reliable, since it kept light up at dinner last night. However he did not recognize Fred and George had set beetles in his soup.
Bye Ron Harry place the Pocket Sneakoscope on his bedside table, where it stood quite still, balanced on its stage, representing the glowing palms of his clock. He looked at it for a couple of seconds, then picked up the package Hedwig had attracted.
In this, also, there was a wrapped gift, a card, and a letter, now from Hermione.
Ron wrote and informed me about his telephone call for your Uncle Vernon. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book (streaming online). I really do hope you are all right.
I am on vacation in France at the present time and that I did not understand how exactly I was going to ship this to you exactly what should they had opened it in customs? But Hedwig turned out! I Believe she wanted to Be Sure You got something for
Your birthday to get a shift. I purchased your gift with owl觔rder; there was an ad in the Daily Prophet (I have been getting it delivered; it is so good to stay up with what is happening in the wizarding world), Can you see that image of Ron and his family a week ago? I bet he is studying tons. I am really jealous the early Egyptian wizards were intriguing. I have rewritten my entire History of Magic article to incorporate a few of the things that I’ve discovered, I hope it is not too long it has two rolls of parchment over Professor Binns asked for.
Ron says he is likely to be in London at the past week of their holiday season.
Would you create it? Can your uncle and aunt allow you to come? I truly hope you’re able to. Otherwise, I will see you around the Hogwarts Express on September first!
Enjoy from Hermione P.S. Ron states Percy’s Head Boy. I will wager Percy’s very happy Ron does not appear overly pleased about it Harry laughed as he place Herrmone’s letter aside and picked her up gift. It had been very heavy. Understanding Hermione, he had been convinced it’d be a huge book full of quite hard spells but it was not. His heart gave a massive leap because he ripped back the newspaper and watched a slick black leather case, with silver phrases stamped onto it, studying Broomstick Servicing Kit. Harry whispered, unzipping the situation to look inside.
Besides his buddies, what Harry missed most about Hogwarts was Quidditch, the hottest game in the magical world tremendously dangerous, quite exciting, and played on broomsticks. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook. Harry happened to be an extremely good Quidditch player; he’d been the youngest man at a century to be chosen for one of the Hogwarts House teams.
Harry place the leather case aside and picked up his final parcel. He recognized that the untidy scrawl about the brown paper at the same time: that was from Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper. He ripped off the upper layer of newspaper and glimpsed something green and leathery, but until he would unwrap it correctly, the package gave a peculiar quiver, and everything was inside it snapped loudly like it had pliers. He understood that Hagrid wouldn’t send him anything harmful on goal, but, Hagrid did not possess a normal man’s opinion of what was harmful. Hagrid was proven to befriend large spiders, purchase barbarous, three puppies from guys in bars, and sneak prohibited dragon eggs to his cottage.
Harry poked the package nervously. It snapped loudly. Harry reached for the lamp on his bedside table, gripped it firmly in 1 hand, and lifted it on his head, prepared to attack. He then captured the remaining wrapping paper into his other hand and pulled.
And outside dropped a publication. Harry just had the time to enroll its own handsome green cap, emblazoned with the gold name The Monster Book of Monsters, until it turned onto its border and scuttled sideways across the mattress like some bizarre crab. Stephen Fry Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book JK Rowling.
The publication toppled off the mattress with a loud clunk and shuffled rapidly through the room. Harry followed stealthily. The publication was hiding at the dark area beneath his desk. Praying the Dursleys were fast asleep, Harry got down to his hands and knees and reached it.
The book snapped shut on his hands and then flapped him outside nevertheless scuttling on its own covers.
And was able to flatten it. Uncle Vernon gave a loud, drowsy grunt at the area next door.
Hedwig and Errol watched interestedly as Harry clamped the fighting book closely in his arms, hurried into his chest of drawers, and pulled out a belt, he buckled snugly around it. The Dragon Book shuddered angrily, but might no more flap and snap therefore Harry down it to the bed and reached Hagrid’s card.
Believe you might find this helpful for following year. Can not say no longer here.
Inform you when I visit you. Hope that the Muggles are treating you.
It struck Harry as ominous that Hagrid believed a biting publication would come in handy, but he place Hagrid’s up card alongside Ron’s and Hermione’s, smiling more broadly than ever before. Now there was just the letter from Hogwarts left.
Noticing it was somewhat thicker than Normal, Harry slit open the envelope, pulled out the very first page of parchment inside, and also read. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book Download.
Please be aware the new school year will start on September the first.
The Hogwarts Express will depart ftom King’s Cross station, stage nine and three訂uarters, at eleven o’clock.
Next years have been allowed to go to the village of Hogsmeade on specific weekends. Please provide the enclosed consent form for your parent or guardian to sign.
A listing of books for second season is included. Yours sincerely,
Harry pulled out the Hogsmeade approval shape and looked at it, no more smiling. It’d be fantastic to go to Hogsmeade on weekends; he understood it had been an entirely wizarding village, and he had never set foot. But how in the world was he going to convince Uncle Vernon or even Aunt Petunia to sign the form? It was two o’clock in the daytime.
Deciding he would fret about the Hogsmeade type when he awakened, Harry got back to bed and reached up to cross off the following day on the graph he had made for himself counting down the days left before his return to Hogwarts. He then took his glasses off and put down, eyes open, facing his three birthday cards.
Extremely odd though he had been, in the instant Harry Potter felt like everybody else thankful, for the first time in his entire life, it was his birthday. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book.
Harry went down to breakfast the next morning to obtain the three Dursleys sitting round the table.
Harry sat between Dudley and Uncle Vernon, a big, beefy guy with hardly any neck along with a great deal of mustache. Far from needing Harry a birthday, not one of the Dursleys made any indication they had detected Harry enter the space, but Harry was far too utilised to this to care. He helped himself to a slice of toast and then appeared in the reporter on the tv, that was halfway through a report within an escaped convict.
The general public is cautioned that Black is armed and extremely dangerous. A special hot line was installed, and some other sighting of Black must be noted instantly.
No need to tell us he is no good, snorted Uncle Vernon, staring on the top of the paper at the captive. Examine the condition of him, the filthy layabout!
He took a nasty look back at Harry, whose untidy hair had always been a source of wonderful aggravation to Uncle Vernon. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book Free. In comparison to the guy on the tv, however, whose gaunt face was surrounded by a matted, elbow衍ength tangle, Harry felt well dressed really.
The writer had reappeared. You did not tell us where that maniac’s escaped!
Lunatic may be coming up the road at this time!
Harry understood Aunt Petunia would only love to be the one to call the hot line number.
When will they understand, said Uncle Vernon, pounding the table with his big purple fist, that hanging is the only real way to address these individuals?
Uncle Vernon emptied his teacup, glanced at his watch, and included, I’d better be off in a moment, Petunia.
Harry, whose ideas were upstairs with the Broomstick Servicing Kit, which was brought back to earth with an unpleasant bump. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audio Book.